Frequently Asked Questions


Do you specialize in any specific Salesforce products?

We have a broad knowledge of the Salesforce suite of products through projects and certifications. In that regard, we are able to tackle projects that involve continuous improvement, support, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud. Though we have breadth, our depth of knowledge has focused on Communities implementations.

Consider hiring a virtual (remote) Salesforce Professional

We offer both onsite and offsite Salesforce services. Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Apple, IBM, Amazon and have embraced the telecommuting/flexible way of working. Other companies like Zapier and ThoughtExchange are following suit. Remote workers are happier and engaged. Among the many benefits of working away from the traditional office environment, flexibility and a sense of trust are the most engaging to a remote worker. Cloud technology has also allowed this possibility to work from anywhere around the globe, from the comfort of where your journey takes you.

Remote workers need to be trustworthy, experts in their craft, disciplined, experienced, resourceful, ethical and have superior communication skills. We take great care in selecting individuals who embody those qualities. In addition, our Salesforce Administrators have minimum 4 years hands on experience, must be certified and are pursuing more certifications.

How do we ensure a successful client and Salesforce Administrator engagement?

We believe that a successful partnership involves both parties being committed to the objectives that lay ahead.

Client Commitments:

  • Provides clear objectives and expectations on deliverables

  • Provides access to internal resources including staff

  • Provides login access to Salesforce and other systems/applications

  • Active participation in update meetings

  • Provides information requested by Administrator

Virtual Salesforce Administrator Commitments:

  • Quickly learns the clients business, people, process and technology

  • Is a subject matter expert in maintaining and support Salesforce

  • Autonomous, but knows when to ask for help

  • Resourceful in gathering details and solving problems

  • Communicates and updates client frequently with full transparency

How does your pricing work?

Our hourly rate at $110 / hour CAD is competitive based on 2018/2019 industry standards for independent Salesforce consultants and administrators. You may purchase buckets of hours and we will provide transparency on work progress and milestones.

What is the Initial Discovery Fee?

Budgeted between 10-12 hours, this is a one time service fee ensures that we understand your business. Our objective is to thoroughly understand the current state of your Salesforce implementation along with your business processes and the people who are in the forefront of your organization. 

Is our data safe?

We take security and privacy very seriously. As such, we require a Privacy and NDA not only for our clients, but also for our staff. You are also protected by Salesforce secure platform. Please click on this LINK for more information about Salesforce security

Cancellations and Refunds

Refunds - We take pride in our expertise. We also stand for ethical practices and keeping healthy business relationships. Should we fail to perform quality work, and/or do not meet the agreed upon objectives because of our mistakes or errors, a refund will be given in consideration of the work successfully completed.

Cancellations - Cancel anytime before the work begins to receive a full refund

Do you provide Salesforce Development (coding) services?

Salesforce Development - For any requirements that need coding (not clicks), we are happy to recommend and work with local partners who are experts in this domain.

What does a Salesforce Administrator typically daily, weekly, monthly? Administrator responsibilities depend on a variety of factors such as company size, Salesforce products,  technical stack and the individuals skillset to name a few.   The article below from paints a good picture of some of the duties of a Administrator broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly responsibilities.  

How do Salesforce Administrators get certified?

Prospective Administrators must go through a challenging exam which tests the candidate on the broad features and functions of the application.   Because of the breadth of the Salesforce ecosystem, earning this certification proves the commitment and ignites the journey to the next level of expertise within the Salesforce application.   The statement below comes from the study guide:

"The program encompasses the breadth of applications, the features and functions available to an end user, and the configuration and management options available to an administrator across the Sales, Service, and Collaboration Clouds."

For more information about what it takes to get certified, please visit